Doctors have issued a stern warning to everyone on TikTok not to attempt to replicate a neck cracking trend that has gone viral on the social media platform.

Videos from chiropractors showing patients getting their necks cracked are currently extremely popular on the site, but doctors are warning against getting this kind of treatment.

The experts are particularly worried that viewers may try the methods at home.

Dr Ever Arias took to TikTok himself to encourage users not to get the treatment.


@everariasmd Why you shouldn’t crack your neck #medical #medicine #doctorreacts ♬ original sound - Ever Arias, MD

He told the story of one of his patients, aged 20, who had visited hospital after hearing a snapping noise during a session with her chiropractor.

She had suffered a cervical compression fracture, a form of broken neck caused by compression or pressure on the bone.

Dr Arias warned his 136,000 followers: “‘It’s important to understand that if you crack your neck there’s a couple situations that you could put yourself in.

“I see that is sometimes people come in with strokes and they had a chiropractor manipulate their neck – and they ended up having a vertebral artery dissection that caused them to have a stroke.

“It’s important that if you go into a chiropractor you tell them, ‘don’t touch my neck’.

“So just hopefully you use that information to never crack your neck again.”