A Dunmow family is trying to raise £60,000 for a husband and father after he was diagnosed with a debilitating brain condition.

Dad-of-three Paul Barter was diagnosed with acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) - a neurological disorder characterised by swelling in the brain and spinal chord - after first showing symptoms in December 2019.

After several months in hospital, Paul underwent rehabilitation and was expected to make a full recovery, but then got a secondary infection which led to him spending another five months in hospital.

Dunmow Broadcast: Hayley and Paul BarterHayley and Paul Barter (Image: Courtesy of the Barter family)

Following a further attempt at rehabilitation, Paul's family was told he would not recover any further - leaving him permanently disabled.

Paul is currently being cared for in the family's living room, and his wife Hayley is raising money for him to have a wet room and a private room suited to his needs - which would also help life return to normal for their three young sons.

She said: "We have had him home now for two years, with Paul having bed baths, and he has recently deteriorated which led to a tracheotomy.


"He is having 24-hour care in our living room. We feel he deserves more of a private room. He would have his own privacy to be able to have time out and a proper bath!

"He needs his own bedroom and a wet room and the boys can have their lounge back - they need some normality back in their lives.

Dunmow Broadcast: Paul and Hayley Barter on their wedding dayPaul and Hayley Barter on their wedding day (Image: Courtesy of the Barter family)

"This hopefully would enable us to try and rehabilitate him a bit more, as we will never give up hope.

"Let's help him lead a better quality of life like he deserves."

To donate go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/build-a-bedroom-and-wet-room-as-disabled.

The family has so far raised just over £2,000 of their £60,000 fundraising target.

Paul's sister-in-law Lauren added: "I’m reaching out to our wonderful community to see if any tradesmen/people/companies can help in any way, shape or form! 

"They have both worked all of their lives both being self-employed but times are hard and after spending all their savings they literally have no money!

"We have exhausted all avenues now and we're at a dead end."