Hair loss is a common problem. You could be experiencing a receding hairline, or your hair is simply thinning. While the cause can be genetic, hair regrowth can boost your confidence. With a hair transplant surgery, you can get a natural-looking hairline and a full head of hair.

One of the best places to undergo this procedure is Turkey, thanks to its high-quality cut-rate hair restoration procedures. If you are looking for the best hair transplant in Turkey, read on to learn more.

Can you trust hair transplants in Turkey?

Despite Turkey being a popular hair transplant destination, some people have expressed safety concerns when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Some have met fraudsters who prey on people with low budgets. Due to the increased number of people seeking hair transplantation, you may find unlicensed surgeons offering black-market hair transplants. This makes it important to know the red flags of a clinic before booking for hair transplant services. 

Before booking an appointment, find out whether the hair transplant surgeons are licensed.

Ask about their qualifications and experience in hair transplant. It is also important to ask about the number of transplants the surgeon has successfully performed. 

Hair transplant procedure in Turkey

The hair transplant procedure involves removing hair follicles from one part of the body to another that is balding. During this painless process, the surgeon removes hair follicles from the donor area such as the side or back of the head. The hair is then transplanted to the front or top head. The minimally invasive procedure is safe for everyone, including individuals who have lost hair due to certain diseases or scars. 

Why most patients choose hair transplantation in Turkey

The main reason patients choose hair transplant operation in Istanbul Turkey is the low upfront costs. Compared to most Western countries, the best hair transplant in Turkey comes at a cheaper price.

Patients still get services of the same quality but at lower prices. You may also get other services that usually come at an added cost in Europe. In some cases, the hair transplant treatment in Turkey is for less than half the price in the UK and other Western countries. 

Best hair transplant in Turkey price

Turkey is a popular choice for hair transplantation because of its low upfront costs. For those with progressive hair loss and who may need grafts, a trip to Turkey can significantly reduce the cost of your transplant. However, choosing the right clinic ensures that you get the best possible results at an affordable price. 

Cosmedica Clinic: Experts in modern DHI hair transplant and Sapphire treatment 

Cosmedica offers the best hair transplant in Turkey with advanced expertise and tailored treatment plans. As a top hair transplant clinic in Turkey Cosmedica excels in the Sapphire technique and modern Direct Hair Implantation (DHI). Its state-of-the-art facilities and top hair transplant techniques make it stand out from other clinics in the region. Other attractive features include:

English-speaking doctor: The lead doctor, Dr. Levent Acar is an English-speaking hair transplantation specialist, experienced in natural hairlines and modern techniques for achieving the best hair transplants.  

  • 16+ Years of Experience: Dr. Levent Acar is extensively experienced in hair transplantation having worked in this field for more than 16 years. 
  • Modern DHI: Cosmedica Clinic combines the Sapphire FUE method with DHI in the Micro Sapphire DHI treatment to achieve the best results. The doctor transplants hair grafts using a DHI implanter pen, ensuring they are fully protected and accurately placed to achieve a convincingly natural hairline. 
  • Sapphire technique: Cosmedica mainly focuses on the Sapphire Method, which has proven to be effective with a faster healing time and improved growth rate. The process reduces the risk of hair roots breaking off during transplantation by using a sapphire blade that involves smaller incisions instead of the traditional scalpel with a metal blade.
  • 20,000+ Successful Operations: Together with his team, Dr. Levent Acar has performed over 20,000 successful hair transplants. 
  • 98% Regrowth Rate: The hair transplant surgeons at the clinic achieve a high rate of hair restoration, achieving over 98% regrowth rate. 

Cosmedica Clinic all-inclusive packages: What you get v Cost In UK

Compared to the cost of hair transplant in the UK, Cosmedica Clinic offers you more value for money. On average, the cost of hair transplant in the UK can be anywhere between £1,000 and £30,000. This price is often included by the extent of hair loss, the quality of the clinic and its team of surgeons, and the type of procedure you are undergoing. The amount may cover initial assessment, surgical hair transplant procedures, and recovery products. 

At Cosmedica Clinic in Turkey, you get fixed prices ranging from £2,000 and £4,500 in an All-Inclusive Package. In addition to the clinic’s flagship DHI Sapphire hair transplant, the price also covers:

Accommodation in a 5-star hotel during the patient’s stay in Istanbul

  • VIP airport, hotel, and clinic transfer 
  • Consultation and follow-up check-up with Dr. Levent Acar
  • Medication and hair loss therapy 
  • A personal companion to ease your stay in Istanbul
  • Additional hair care products for 4 months

Hair transplant methods used at Cosmedica 

Cosmedica Clinic utilises the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method for hair extraction and the DHI and DHI Sapphire techniques for implantation. 

FUE Hair Transplant Method: The process involves the extraction of each follicular unit using a micro punch. The hair follicle is then inserted with forceps. 

  • DHI Sapphire Method: The doctor uses a special pen known as Robopen to remove grafts in one step and reinsert them encased in a protected shield. This three-step process starts with the extraction of hair roots using FUE technique, followed by the piercing of hair canals with a micro sapphire blade. In the last step, the hair roots are implanted with a special DHI pen. 

Before and after results of hair transplants in Turkey at Cosmedica

The kind of hair transplantation procedure you receive at Cosmedica will depend on your special hair situation. Upon successful procedure, the transplanted hair gives you a naturally looking hairline and a thick new growth.

If you are considering a hair transplant in Turkey, you will want to choose a clinic with experience. Cosmedica is one of the leading hair transplant clinics in Istanbul. They have been providing hair transplant surgeries to patients for more than 16 years and helped 20,000+ patients regain a head full of hair.